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La Paz, Bolivia - Day 1

sunny 16 °C
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Valle de la Luna, La Paz

Valle de la Luna, La Paz

This is Valle de la Luna (Moon Valley) which is made of sandstone which has been eroded away by wind and rain to form 'stalagmites'. The valley is about 10km outside of La Paz. It isn’t actually a valley at all, but a bizarre, eroded hillside maze of canyons and pinnacles.

Whilst on the bus ride out to Valle de la Luna we were instructed to keep our hand and heads inside the open top bus due to low lying bridges, cables and traffic lights. The guy sat across from me on the top deck stood up at one point and his head was very close to a bridge as we were travelling along. All sorts of thoughts went through my head as to what would happen if he had hit his head like something out of a horror film where he gets decapitated! We were then going through quite a built up part of town when he again stood up and some overhead cables smacked him straight in the face sending him flying back into his seat. Luckily he wasn´t hurt too much just a sore face, a bloody nose and looking a bit sheepish, serves him right!

On a more pleasant note, I have met up with the other girl in my room, Caroline. She seems nice and we get on really well. We went for a stroll up and down the streets of La Paz this afternoon, taking in all the delights of the 'Witches Market' where they sell lots of things including llama fetuses to bury under your house to bring you good luck, think I´ll pass on that one! We will be meeting up with the other travellers (all girls) in our group later on this evening for some food and drinks, so will wait to see what they are all like.

An early start tomorrow as we prepare for the short flight to Sucre, and all that awaits us in Bolivia!

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I'm here!

1st stop Bolivia

sunny 15 °C
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Well you´ll be pleased to know I have arrived safe and sound in La Paz, Bolivia after a very tiring 24 hours of travelling. It was an amazing sight coming into La Paz on the plane, the sun was just starting to come up and the light was hitting the snow-capped mountain tops, giving off a beautiful orange glow, surrounded by white fluffy clouds. Driving into La Paz was amazing too, down the long windy roads, the buildings clinging to the side of the canyon on every spare inch of land.

The altitude hasn´t got to me much which I´m pleased about considering Bolivia is the southern hemisphere´s highest nation with La Paz standing at 3660m above sea level! Just a slight headache, but I´m sure that will wear off in a bit.

Despite it being very sunny here, the temperatures are a little to be desired, hitting just 15 degrees so far here today. I will need to make sure I wrap up warm this evening when the sun goes down!

I´m not quite sure what to do with myself today, as others from my trip won´t be arriving until tomorrow. Think I will just take it easy and try to find some food in a bit. The perfect opporunity to test out some of my GCSE Spanish, wish me luck!!

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1 day to go!

Well I have 1 day to go until I set out on my exciting adventure.
Although I don't fly until Thursday morning, I am heading up to London on Wednesday afternoon to stay with Helen and Ben before I fly, and also to have a farewell meal with Helen, Ben, Becky, Julie, Cameron and Jodie.

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1 week to go!

I have just signed up to this website travellerspoint.com as a means of hopefully tracking my trip to South America over the next 3 months, and also to let friends and family know what I am getting upto.

Nothing much to say at the moment, except I can't believe it is only 1 week away! I am getting very excited, but also feel like I have so much left to do in preparation. So I'd better get on and do some more!

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